Love Story with Vinko Anthony & Andrea Zaza


Vinko describe Andrea in three words

Curious, Spontaneous, Intelligent 

Andrea describe Vinko in three words

Smart, Cheeky, Generous


How did you both meet?

We had a beautiful beginning to our story, from the Mediterranean Sea and sun to the spontaneity and surprise of the meeting. It was not an easy beginning to sustain at all but it was powerful and romantic - I will always remember it. We were worlds apart but our love was stronger than anything. It was like the universe put us in the same place at the same time as it knew we belonged together.


How would you describe your Love Journey so far…

Vinko – My life with Andrea is adventurous, he challenges me and makes me a better version of myself. We have created two successful companies in 10 years and we support, love and respect each other and our decisions.

Our love has grown and developed into a life long commitment towards each other. We promised this to each other at the very beginning of our love story. If I could give one thing to Andrea in life I would give him the ability to see himself through my eyes, only then he would realise how perfect he is to me.

Sharing a life and business sometimes gets hard so at times it can feel like we are challenged with our relationship and our love. I am forever grateful that at the age of 40 I met the man of my dreams and we continue to build a life together, a life that we are both very proud of. 

Andrea – This is the very first relationship that made me feel complete. A relationship with commitment where I wasn’t feeling afraid to move forward and give up the life I had built in Europe until the age of 34, to come to the other side of the world and dedicate ourselves to give happiness to the gay community.

What we felt was this deep energy of building something together and with our power we could achieve anything. We are compatible and complementary in many ways, and being very similar, this is the secret to our relationship. 

Our love and our relationship is constantly growing, this is the most interesting part. We grow, evolve and develop together respecting each other and supporting and acknowledging each other’s choices.


You have built a very successful business around introducing like-minded men for long-term relationships.  What drew you to this line of work?

Beau Brummell Introductions is a business of love. It’s a perfect formula for Andrea and I. We have always done everything in our lives with love and passion – this is why we are successful. There was never any doubt in my mind about the business not working. We always wanted to provide an opportunity to gay men of  the world to be surrounded by similar like minded people, by outsourcing this very special job in their lives. Doing something different always gets us to different results. Love towards relationships and wanting to make a difference in the community has always been a big draw card. 

What brings the greatest joy professionally for you both?

Vinko – Simply the opportunity that we can provide to like-minded gay men, it is literally life changing. I am so proud of our passion and dedication. Seeing one of our happy couples together and in love is priceless. It’s what gives me the energy in this dedicated role where life / work balance all melts into one.

Andrea – We are born gay but it’s hard to accept yourself at first. If with this being a mainstream business we can give acceptance and normality to everyone on a day-to-day basis, it’s a great achievement already.


What is your best relationship advice or tips to creating a successful, long lasting relationship?

Definitely listening skills and the ability to be able to discuss anything without reacting. Everything has a solution, and nothing is a problem until you make it one. 

What does love mean to you?

Vinko – To me, love means commitment through thick and thin, and always trying to stay as positive and passionate with your relationship.

Andrea – Growing and fighting through life with the support of someone. Going and building life as two is definitely much better than as one.

What does the future hold for you both? 

We try to live in the now. We know the future will be wonderful if we are just grateful for every day and our life together.


How did you enjoy your Mona Farm Experience and shooting for The Wedding Series?

Mona Farm is a spectacular, magical property. From the moment we arrived, the whole weekend was just perfect. We can not wait to get back there. From the beautiful property and team of talented people who put it all together, amazing art collection and sculptures in the gardens, to Giorgio Armani for allowing us to wear such gorgeous clothing, we never wanted to leave and give it all back the next day. This experience will stay in our memories forever.

Couple – Vinko Anthony and Andrea Zaza 

Concept, Creative Direction, Styling – Kate O’Shea, The Wedding Series Agency

Photographer – Lilli Kad Photography

Location – Mona Farm

Giorgio Armani worn throughout