Love Story with Emma Birdsall & Dan May


Where did you both meet?

Dan and I met in passing about 6 years ago at a cafe in Waterloo, and then reconnected a couple of years after that through a mutual friend when he came around to my family home and sat down at the piano after dinner one night. I remember being mesmerised by his playing but thought nothing of it...A couple of years after that, the Heavens had it that we'd be brought together again through music and then over a period of just under a year, we fell completely in love. 

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How did you know when you had found ‘the one’? 

Both of us had waited (what felt like) a long time to find 'the one'. When we started dating I think we both just knew it was right. Aside from the "when you know you know" kinda thing, I think having aligned core values is really really important. If one of those fundamental things is even slightly off it creates tension that'll only grow over time. 

Do you think there is a secret to a happy and long-lasting relationship? 

No secrets, we're still learning! Just the classic advice: communicate communicate communicate. Talk about absolutely everything so the small things don't blow out of proportion...and make a conscious effort to express your love verbally as often as you think about it. Don't assume they know how much you adore them, tell your other half and show it in your actions! 

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Dan, what do you love most about Emma? 

What do I love about Emma: Beyond the obvious talent, humour and aesthetics, Emma is so easy to get along with and we share a lot in common including our love of jazz, the beach and good meal! In general, she always adds value to the people around her; quick to let you in on the latest trend or fill you in with something you need to know. She is somewhat classic; knowing how the past (fashions, culture) should guide what she gives out to the world and her values are rock steady beneath. There are things with her health that physically hold her back often but you won't hear her complain. She puts others before herself and values her faith, deeply. Oh and she has a great speaking voice which is very attractive to me; possibly a mating-call of sorts?!

The Wedding Series Love Stories Emma Birdsall Dan May

Emma, how does it feel being able to share in the same passions as Dan - such as music?

Music is such a strong point of connection between us, it's a huge blessing to be able to work and play together doing what we love. Some of my fondest memories with Dan have been sitting around the record player with a glass of wine or a cup of tea just listening to our favourite vinyls.

Sunset views overlooking glorious Watson’s Bay
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Tell us a little bit about your magical day?  

We were married in Summer at a beautiful church in Mosman followed by dinner and dancing at Athol Hall which overlooks Sydney Harbour. Everything about our day felt so personal to us. Lots of live music played by friends and family, a wedding service that was deeply spiritual and meaningful, great food, unforgettable speeches (with a few impromptu musical numbers thrown in for good measure, of course!). It was relaxed, intimate and so much fun. I wish we could do it all over again! 

If you could both give one piece of advice for future couples on their wedding day, what would it be?  

Emma: For the groom - be on time and make sure your suit is ironed! Don't ask your wife-to-be any organisational questions the night before or day of. If something needs sorting out, try and sort it yourself without her knowing what you're up to! Brides have so much on their plate leading up to the big day so do your best to be reassuring, calming and attentive to her needs during the week of the wedding. Brides - don't sweat the small stuff and let people help you when they offer! When the day rolls around, just enjoy every moment. You've done all you can, now sit back, relax and allow yourself to be pampered and taken care of by your beautiful bridesmaids.  

Dan: My advice would be to not get bogged down in single factors like one person or the weather etc. when there is so many amazing things always unfolding during the day. The day is about you and your partner and the people who you are celebrating with having a meaningful and great time. 

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What does being part of The Wedding Series ‘Love Stories’ mean to you?  

It's really special being a part of The Wedding Series 'Love Stories'. I am a sucker for romance and I love knowing we're a part of something that celebrates the magic of real love.  

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Couple – Emma and Dan May
Concept, Creative Direction, Styling – Kate O’Shea, The Wedding Series Agency
Photographer – Lilli Kad Photography
Location – Taronga Centre
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