Justin Aaron Weddings
With a contemporary, artful & documentary approach to photography, Justin Aaron is interested in making photographs that are simple, clear and emotive. He strives to keep the honesty and integrity of any given situation.
Keegan Cronin
Hi! I am Keegan, a Hunter Valley wedding photographer. I strive to photograph couples in a unique way that is true to them. Everyone has a different story. Be different. Be yourselves. This is when the magic happens.
Studio Impressions
We are especially passionate about photographing people and the moments that are important in their lives.
Beck Rocchi
Beck Rocchi is a sucker for love. Its emotional, its wild, its whole-hearted, its personal. Its not wedding photography; it’s a moment in time – forever captured, forever yours. It’s a Rocchi trademark.
Brendan Ottley
Drawing inspiration from an era of photography when analog film and old cameras were paired with light and vision to create iconic images.
Claudio Raschella Photography
Claudio Raschella has been photographing weddings for over 23 years. Having shot almost 1000 weddings he has extensive experience which you can see in his breathtaking work.
De Lumiere Photography
Emotive and authentic fine art photographers who specialise in documenting love honestly.
Finch & Oak
Finch & Oak is a creative boutique wedding photography studio based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Available Australia wide, and internationally.
Jimmy Raper Photography
I feel that if I am going to play such a significant role on your wedding day, we should get to know one another first.
Lilli Kad Photography
Lilli Kad Photography is a creation by Kerstin Auer.
Mikey Andersson
My approach to wedding photography is one that combines my background of fine art with a direction of journalism. My objective is to capture and tell the story of your day, in a whimsical and elegant fashion.
Van Middleton
Van Middleton is a wedding photographer who specialises in breathtaking big landscapes whilst capturing the beauty of little moments.