Giorgio Armani

A passion for excellence and attention to detail drove Giorgio Armani, the master of timeless elegance, to launch a new service providing clients with an exclusive tailoring experience.

Harrolds Australia’s Luxury Department Store is home to the world’s finest collection of perfectly balanced tailored elegance and up-to-the-minute luxury fashion.
Oscar Hunt
At Oscar Hunt, we've created an environment to make tailoring a wedding suit easy and enjoyable altogether – this includes offering a unique wedding group experience for yourself, partner and groomsmen.
P Johnson Tailors
We've been making grooms and groomsmen’s outfits for the last 7 years. We love the process because for many it's an introduction to suit-wearing or 'sartorial' wear that they may not have even encountered before.
Founded in 1998 Farage has established itself for pushing the boundaries of sartorial style and craftsmanship.