A passion for excellence and attention to detail drove Giorgio Armani, the master of timeless elegance, to launch a new service providing clients with an exclusive tailoring experience. Made to Measure allows for the creation and personalization of distinctive attire, uniquely customised for the individual. It combines tradition and innovation, to create a touch of luxury for those special occasions.

The singularity of every Made-to-Measure suit lies in it personalisation; touching the fabrics, selecting the lining and buttons, picking the shape of the lapes or the width of the shirt collar, even selecting an embroidered name label. From the first moments to the finishing touches, Giorgio Armani Made to Measure delivers all the advantages of a customized garment, designed and tailored for the perfect fit.

Suits and Tuxedos
Creating your own suit or tuxedo means choosing the most suitable fit and selecting from more than 400 exclusive fabrics, including cashmere, silk, vicuna and unique blends featuring precious metals and diamond dust. The diverse combination of the lapels, buttons and pockets, combined with the care, comfort and elegance that have always set Giorgio Armani’s suits apart, ensure that your made-to-measure business suits, evening attire and formalwear are suitable for every occasion.

Giorgio Armani Made-to-Measure shirts must meet precise criteria of elegance. Whether the silhouette is classic, fashionable or eveningwear-ready, any shirt can be customised starting with the choice of eight unique next styles and four individual cuff designs. From the collar to the cuffs to the final buttons, our experts are trained to assist you in every detail, helping create the perfect shirt for every occasion.

Special Occasions
There is nothing more distinctive for your special occasion than a custom-made suit or frack, especially when backed by the renowned elegance of Giorgio Armani formalwear. From the refined cut of the classic morning coat to the sophistication of a matching coat, waistcoat and trousers, Giorgio Armani made-to-measure formal and semi-formal attire is as individual as the man who wears it.

Exquisite Details
The luxury of personalisation, embodied within every Giorgio Armani Made-to-Measure suit, is evidenced by the meticulous execution of the finishing touches. Handmade in Italy exclusively for you, the edges of the jacket lapels, sleeves and pockets are hand-stitched with lustrous silk thread using meticulous care and precision, while the “barchetta” chest pocket with its concave form adds a further touch of distinction. In addition, the open buttonholes, which are stitched with the utmost care and effort, are a mark of excellence that enhance the elegance of your made-to-measure suit.

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