Since 1884, Bulgari has exemplified Italian excellence. Built upon 2700 years of Roman HISTORY, Bulgari honours its rich past within its modern designs. Renowned for a stylistic audacity and a penchant for color, a Bulgari piece is immediately recognisable.

As an established global luxury brand with a reputation for outstanding quality, Bulgari stands behind each of its creations from point of purchase to lifetime satisfaction. The sensuality of volume, a love of linearity, and a reverence for the art and architecture of its ancient roots – such characteristics define each creation. With a mastery of artisanal craftsmanship, Bulgari innovates the future of design, and guards the legend of exquisite beauty.

In Rome, love stories live eternal. With its ancient palaces, mystical ruins and beautiful antiquities, there is nowhere more romantic than the Eternal City. Even the musicality of its name Roma, reversed, becomes amor - Italian for love. The greatest love stories begin with the spectacular backdrop of this ancient heartland, a never-ending source of Bulgari inspiration. As you write your own Bulgari love story, remember where it all began.

BVLGARI  Wedding Bands

The ultimate symbol of two hearts united, a wedding band should beautifully complement and enhance the engagement ring.

The Bulgari Bridal Collection offers a wide range of wedding bands - from classic accompaniment to gorgeous embellishment - designed to suit different tastes.

Preferences vary: some couples choose the clean lines of classic solid metal, others opt for more sparkle. Most Bulgari bands are also available with pavé or set diamonds, in both platinum and yellow gold.

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All jewellery is not created equal. Bulgari believes jewellery only serves its function if exquisite.
By balancing style and substance, masterful technique and the finest materials, Bulgari is able to achieve its unmistakable essence.
Rare, alluring and each perfectly unique, diamonds are highly indestructible: the precious diamond, like true love, endures time as well as the elements.