Drawing inspiration from an era of photography when analog film and old cameras were paired with light and vision to create iconic images.

Brendan only stops when satisfied that the image is a moving piece of art. 

Founding the company A Bear a Deer and a Fox to set the standard in soulful images for couples. Brendan works by placing people in emotive landscapes. Focusing on the human and visceral of the individuals to find that soulful image.

The imagery of Bear Deer Fox is timeless. Photography of couples that will become heirlooms and treasures over decades.

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Photography is meant to be seen, and takes on a new life when printed.

An exclusive to The Wedding Showcase; one 12x16, or three 5x7 signature prints, with any package booked. Printed on Fine Art paper with archival inks.

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“My photography is bold, it’s sensitive. Over the years you will come back again and again to the images and see the people that have become everything.”
Brendan Ottley
“These images will want to be printed and loved more and more over time”
Brendan Ottley