When a newly engaged bride starts to plan her wedding, when do you suggest she starts to think about her skin preparation for her special day?
When you spend enough time doing what you love your work becomes an extension of your very being a unique expression of who you are as an individual. And only when it is complete, just as a painter before an easel can you sign your name to it
Luxury Australian pearl connoisseurs, Paspaley celebrates 80 years of Australian pearling heritage by paying homage to the beginning of their journey with Maxima – an exclusive collection created with Australian mother-of-pearl, authentic to Paspaley.
On Wednesday 15th July The Wedding Showcase kick started it’s ongoing national event series launching The Well Nest at an exquisite breakfast at The Boathouse Shelly Beach.
I am so excited to be getting married to the love of my life in December this year! As a nutritionist, I’m excited that our wedding is going to be incredibly healthy, and to share this beautiful time with our family and friends in Thailand. Just as I believe our bodies flourish with optimal nutrition, the same is true for our skin. It makes sense, really – the skin is our largest organ, and what we put into it will be reflected there!
We met in Johannesburg, South Africa at my grandparents' home. A mutual friend came to visit me and brought Dean! My grandparents' home is a very special place in my heart- so it's quite amazing that of all places, we met there.
The Wedding Showcase is anchored by a series of ongoing luxury events and experiences.