Groom Tips with Patrick Johnson
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  1. The dress code is obviously important and it's critical you look the best you've ever looked, a notch up from all the other guys in attendance. You’re doing it for her so it means you have to pull your socks up, extend yourself.
  2. But, be comfortable. While you have to look great, you have to be really comfortable in your own skin, or you won't wear the suit well. Not all guys are 'suit wearers' so it's important you're comfortable in what you're wearing to be relaxed and confident. Good tailors understand this.
  3. Trust the process. A good tailor you can trust to organise the best and most appropriate look in accordance with who you are and how you feel about it. It takes some courage to trust the process, but if the tailor has your interests at heart then your in safe hands. A confused and compromised look can be less effective.

  4. Think in terms of appropriateness (location, time of day, season etc) and come with some ideas your roughly comfortable with. Also consider getting the best value from the outfit, for use afterwards in work or other events for example.
  5. Keep an open mind,you might change tact entirely. This relates to fit and to styling. Having a suit made can be a big leap into a new category of your understanding of fit and styling.

  6. Time. Give yourself time,good things take time. Quality clothing takes time. It's a balance though,the modern body is a dynamic thing,with personal trainers and diets, it fluctuates a little unnaturally. So consider if your build is stable before attempting a process that essentially targets a precise fit.
  7. Don't take it too seriously at the same time. It should be fun. If you're in good hands it should be a painless and fun experience.

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