P Johnson Tailors: NYC Showroom
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At P Johnson Tailors, we've always tried to make the spaces we occupy beautiful, bright and welcoming; full of life and a sense of freshness. We don't subscribe to the dark wood paneling and leather furniture look of what people expect of tailors, it's just not us. We want people to feel at home yet excited by what excites us.

In this way the New York showroom is similar to our other spaces - it's filled with things we love from cloths, jackets and our new collection of superfine s160's knitwear to art, sculpture and as much natural light as we can invite.

When it comes to grooms, not all of them have had a suit made for them before (or even wear suits in their life), so we do our best to make the whole experience not intimidating.

We aim to make suits these guys can use again, to use a lot, and feel comfortable in. We teach them how to dress the suits up for the wedding day, to feel special, and how to dress them down for further use. If it's something more classical they want then that is easy, but the idea is always to get them into something they can feel very much themselves in.

All images featured are from P Johnson Tailors new NYC Showroom. To find out more visit P Johnson here in Your Wedding Guide.