Love Story with Ruby Matthews & Ryan Heywood
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Where did you both meet?

We met through a mutual friend, at Ryan's photography studio in Byron.

Ruby how did you know you had found ‘the one’?

I remember having this light bulb moment one day whilst Ryan and I were drawing in his studio (something I hadn’t done since high school art class, but had a major passion for when growing up) I was like, wow it feels so good to be encouraged and supported to do something I really love. These qualities in Ryan were something I’d been lacking in every other relationship, it was like the part that had been missing had finally been found.

Behind the scenes - Model Ruby Matthews with son Rocket

Behind the scenes - Pro Surf Photographer Ryan Heywood with son Rocket

Behind the scenes – walking to our first shoot location with sleeping Rocket

Ruby, how did Ryan pop the question?

It was a week or so after having rocket, I was on the biggest high of my life. We had spent a dreamy morning in bed admiring our new amazing creation. I had hopped in the shower and Ryan said he would take rocket down the road to get coffees. Thinking a had the house to my self I walked out of the shower and into living room with not much on to find Ryan had filled the living room with flowers and with rocket laying on his sheep skin throw with sparkly ring in his hand. He then got down on one knee and asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and my answer was yes.

Ruby wears her own white shirt

Ruby wears Kit X dress available from David Jones, Bvlgari Sassi necklace in yellow gold with mounted diamonds, corallum rubrum, Peridot and pave setting, Bvlgari Sassi ring in yellow gold with 1 Peridot and round pave diamond

Ryan, what do you love most about Ruby?

I love watching her dance and play with our boy, lip synch to Beyoncé in the car when we go on an outing and any other performance she does on a whim, her sense of humor is what I love most.

Ruby, with careers that take you around the world, how do you and Ryan make a long distance relationship work when either of you are away?

A lot of face time! When we are both home we take time out eat at our favorite restaurants, surf and be creative as a family. We make a conscious effort to put down the phone, computers and cameras to focus on our family and doing what we love.

Ruby holds Bvlgari Serpentage Flap Cover in pink spinel and smooth calf black leather bag

You now have a darling 19 month old son Rocket (and one on the way, possibly conceived the night of this shoot!) how has parenthood changed your relationship?

It has been an incredible blessing becoming parents, we are so proud of having a healthy smart little boy. It’s a lot of work but good things always happen with hard work.

A behind the scenes film of our Love Story with Ruby and Ryan captured by Mad Rose Films

What do you both think is the secret to a happy and long-lasting relationship?

To support each others goals, to compromise, and to make an effort in all areas of the relationship, and to never stop trying and learning new things as I couple.

Ryan wears UberStone from David Jones

What does being part of The Wedding Series ‘Love Stories’ mean to you?

It’s so nice to be photographed together as a couple and as a family. We adored the love story theme and shooting close to home in Byron Bay.

Couple – Model Ruby Matthews, Pro Surf Photographer Ryan Heywood and darling little Rocket
Concept, Creative Direction, Styling – Kate O’Shea, The Wedding Series
PhotographerVan Middleton
Location – The Byron at Byron
Hair/Make Up – Emma Plant
VideographerMad Rose Films