Love Story with Jessica Sepel and Dean Steingold
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ENGAGED, together for 4 YEARS

Where did you both meet?

We met in Johannesburg, South Africa at my grandparents' home. A mutual friend came to visit me and brought Dean! My grandparents' home is a very special place in my heart- so it's quite amazing that of all places, we met there.


What has been the biggest learning in your relationship?

You need to have deep respect for each other as people in order to make a relationship work on all levels. Dean and I genuinely have a huge amount of respect for each other as individuals and human beings.

I have also had relationships in the past that just didn't work. We work. And when you find that person where it works, cherish it. We cherish what we have daily - we let each other know!

You’ve recently become engaged, how and where did Dean propose?

My PR team told me in early November that I was asked by Qualia in Hamilton Island to blog about their resort.. I asked my PR team to please postpone it to a time when Dean could come. Qualia has been on my bucket list forever. It’s been voted the best resort in the world. So I thought it was odd...why would they want me. They have enough exposure?? I was flattered, but off I went. Dean was getting ready to travel for the USA that same day for a very important meeting. I knew how important this meeting was so there was no way he would be surprising me at Qualia.

I enjoyed a gorgeous day at Qualia. I had a massage. Relaxed in the room. Lay by the pool. They told me to be ready by 6pm as they arranged a dinner for me to blog about. They picked me up at 5:50pm in a golf buggie. We parked by the beach I had been lying at all day. I walked towards the little pebble peach to peak at the view.... And there he was....

Dean was standing there beside the most perfect white table. The backdrop was turquoise water. I started laughing and gasping. I didn’t even walk. I felt so shocked. Then Dean said, “Come here” and I walked towards him. At this point I knew what was happening. As I got to him, I gave him the biggest hug and kiss. Next thing...he got on his knee. He presented to me the best ring I have ever seen in my life! And...YES I screamed. We cried, laughed. I was in utter disbelief and shock. We called family and friends. I was sobbing from happiness.

Then we put our phones away and enjoyed the most romantic dinner on the beach with champagne. It was more than a dream.

Dean, when did you realise Jessica was ‘the one’?

I realised Jess was the one when she spent a week with me and my entire family in one house in Napa Valley in California. There were 14 of us living there for a week and we had only known each other for 3 full days. As soon as I saw the way Jess interacted with everyone, as well as being able to hold her own with my crazy family, I knew that she was the one for me.

How did you go about selecting Jessica’s engagement ring?

Jess and I had looked at a few different rings during the 4 years we were together before our engagement. Each time I made a mental note of what she liked about each one. I then had to combine all of that information, and luckily enough Jess' ring ended up being more perfect than either of us could have ever imagined.

What is the secret to your relationship?

A deep respect for each other and a real kindness and gentle approach. Love, trust and communication are also so important. Everything boils down to wanting the best for each other, no matter what. We put each other first, always.


A special thank you to Jessica Sepel and Dean Steinberg for letting us into your world.

Photography – Brendan Ottley

Hair/Make up – Isabella Schimid

Styling – Kirstin Rawson

Jessica and Dean wear Scotch & Soda