Love Story with Elle Halliwell & Nick Biasotto
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Elle, you have been on such a remarkable journey. For readers who are not familiar with your story are you able to share your experience?

Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. Two days after my diagnosis I discovered I was also pregnant. We were initially advised to terminate the pregnancy in order to put me on life saving treatment, but got a second opinion and decided to continue with the pregnancy. In December we were blessed with a son, who we named Tor Felix.

How do you think this experience has changed your relationship?

It tested us like nothing had before. Dealing with the possibility of death, loss and sickness while trying to enjoy the experience of being first-time parents was really tough, but it definitely made us realize how important we are in each other’s lives and what a great pair we make. The phrase ‘in sickness and in health’ really resonates with us. We would never have expected that vow to apply just a few short years into our marriage.

Your son Tor must be such a wonderful light in your life. How has parenthood changed your relationship?

The dynamic is so different now. We have had to be much more patient with each other, and learn to work as a team. We feel so lucky to have Tor, especially considering we can’t try for another baby until my illness is under control and I reach deep remission, which may or may not happen. Fortunately we have so much family support, which has allowed us to continue to spend quality time as a couple which we have relished after the traumatic events of the past 18 months.

Can you tell us the story of how you met?

I moved into an apartment in Bondi Beach when I was 19, and Nick happened to be my next-door neighbour. We started dating a few months later and I moved in with him the following year. Moving house was fairly easy!

How would you describe your journey together so far?

It’s been fun. We make each other laugh and have always been supportive of whatever dreams the other has wanted to pursue, whether it be a new business or a creative hobby. The past year was so tough, but we had built such a strong foundation of love and support over the previous decade that we knew we could weather the storm if we stayed positive and hopeful.

Elle what were the most memorable moments of your wedding?

The whole day was a lot of fun, and spending it with our large families was a real joy. The ceremony and reception was held in the backyard of my childhood home, and my Aunty Melissa was our celebrant, which made the day really special. We had long tables and generous share plates that made the large wedding feel intimate and special. Making sure our guests had plenty of wine, food and great music to dance to was our main goal, and not worrying about anything else on the day made it really relaxed and enjoyable.

Sunset views overlooking glorious Watson’s Bay

Nick, can you describe the feeling of seeing Elle for the first time on your wedding day?

She looked beautiful. It was very emotional. I did get some dust in my eyes.

What does being a part of The Wedding Series ‘Love Stories’ mean to you?

Love is so much more complex and messy than Hollywood leads us to believe. It’s great that each couple profiled has a real story to tell, full of ups and downs and twists and turns, that everyone can relate too. Love isn’t tidy, or predictable, but it’s wonderful, comes in so many forms and makes life essentially worth living. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share our complex, honest and unconventional love story.

Your Love Story was photographed at Watson Bay Hotel. It is such an incredible location and amazing wedding venue. What were the highlights of the venue for you?

Watson’s Bay showcases Sydney at its best. The sunset from the balcony is unrivalled and the view offers a perfect backdrop for romantic wedding shoots. There are also some beautiful scenic locations nearby for an intimate waterside ceremony, and it’s conveniently located right near the ferry wharf. I’m a big fan of the Hamptons style décor too. We enjoyed a weekend babymoon at the hotel shortly before the birth of our son, which was so romantic and a nice way to celebrate the impending addition to our family.

Elle wears Self Portrait, Nick wears Sandro Paris, available from David Jones

A behind the scenes film of our Love Story with Elle and Nick captured by Soda Films

Couple – Journalist Elle Halliwell and Property Developer Nick Biasotto
Concept, Creative Direction, Styling – Kate O’Shea, The Wedding Series
Photographer – Blumenthal Photography
LocationWatsons Bay Boutique Hotel
Hair/Make UpPV Hair & Make Up
Videographer – Soda Films