Love Story with Christina Macpherson & Tom Paterson
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Kissing booths at Ovolo Woolloomooloo

Christina wears AJE Nirvelli sequin dress available from David Jones, Tom wears Sandro Paris available from David Jones

You have one of the most romantic love stories we have ever heard. How did you meet?

Tom: I was visiting Byron bay for a friend’s birthday party. Amongst the broth of humans was Christina. I saw her in the most cliché way possible across the room. All stood still. Slow motion set in as I walked toward her and with a gasp for air and hopeful confidence words splurged out of my mouth... “You have big f*$@ing eyes”! Followed by nervous laughter and an apologetic shrug. With the expectation of being turned away, I startedto turn my posture to run. But something magic happened, she was a weirdo, a weirdo like me! She responded with a laugh and an array of terrible jokes to match my own. Later Christina asked if I would take the day off work on the Monday for a date. I rang my boss and quit my job on the spot, staying in Byron for another three weeks before Christina took an even bigger leap and left her life in the Bay to come and travel the length of New Zealand in the back of my shanty old surf wagon.

Christina: ...And I guess the adventure hasn’t stopped. We’ve been traipsing across the world, telling each other terrible jokes ever since!

Christina wears Inbal Dror BR-17-04 gown available from Helen Rodrigues, Tom wears Farage suit

Tom, what drew you to her that night?

The way she moved through a room. I watched her laugh and flail her arms about with friends. I could tell that her friends loved her because of the smiles on their faces and the laughter created from whatever corner of the room she was in. But the thing I could not stop looking at when I got up close to her were her eyes, large sparkling blue moons, they got me good.

How would you describe your journey so far?

Tom: The journey has been about growth. I knew early on that Christina was not only my lover but also my best friend. We travelled the world together; we ate weird food, experienced different cultures, laughed, cried, and danced. Life has brought many highs and lows in the time that we’ve been together but the one constant has been our love, and that’s the thing that I can’t live without.

Christina wears Inbal Dror BR-17-23 gown available from Helen Rodrigues

How would you describe each other?

Tom: A witty nerd who loves nature and making others happy. Christina is the most caring and generous person I know. She would go broke if it meant her loved ones had what they needed.

Christina: Tom has this incredible ability to be extremely confident but without the ego. It makes him approachable but also respectable. He is the happiest, most positive person I’ve ever met and his sense of humour makes everyone around either laugh or look on with confused “what is he talking about?” faces.

Congratulations on your recent engagement. We are so incredibly excited about your wonderful news. Tom how long had your been planning the proposal and how did it go?

New Year’s Eve I had locked in the idea of popping the big question. Knowing that Christina is not big on things, I knew that it would need to be more about the how and where type experience. I was given the perfect opportunity on a recent trip to a place that I know would be the perfect ‘where’, (Santorini, Greece). Christina being a super ancient history nerd was already emotional from the stunning views and history of ancient Thira. After a long quad bike ride up the mountains Christina sat down, looking out to the ocean.I knelt down and cheekily asked if she could hold something for me. I then asked if she wanted to be my weirdo for life. Christina turned to me shocked, and we melted into a joyous blubbering mess together.

Christina, how do you feel as a new bride to be and do you have a vision for your wedding yet?

Overwhelmed! We were on a work trip in Greece when Tom asked me and I was very surprised. It all only happened less than a month ago so I’m still in this bubble of shocked, giggly, newly blinged up bliss! We have talked a little bit about it and it’s really important that our wedding be relaxed as possible and a little quirky (like us!). Somewhere secluded so we can dance all night, where all our friends and family can just feel relaxed and have fun with good people, good music and a vibe that is centred on love and happiness.

What does being part of The Wedding Series ‘Love Stories’ mean to you?

Christina: I guess I was a little surprised at the beginning of all of this that we were even asked! I do truly believe that Tom and I are extremely lucky to have found each other, and to have an unbiased outside party notice our relationship was really special, and I think just solidified what we already knew. The fact that Kate wanted our editorial to be set around what was important to us (love, friendship, fun) meant so much as well. The shoot itself was hilarious, and we made some special connections with the whole crew.

Your Love Story was photographed at Ovolo Hotel in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo. It is such an amazing hotel with so much detail. How was your experience and what did you enjoy the most?

Christina: I think our mouths were open for a good 20 minutes when we first got there. The architecture, design and art is incredible. It’s quirky, clever, and taps into your creativity. Also, free mini bar and a box of goodies always gets a vote from me!

Christina wears Inbal Dror BR-17-04 gown available from Helen Rodrigues, Tom wears Farage suit

A behind the scenes film of our Love Story with Christina and Tom captured by Soda Films

Couple – Model Christina MacPherson, NZ Survivor and Teacher Tom Paterson
Concept, Creative Direction, Styling – Kate O’Shea, The Wedding Series
PhotographerJimmy Raper
LocationOvolo Wooloomooloo
Hair/Make UpPV Hair & Make Up
Videographer – Soda Films