Scent Your Wedding Experience
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Jo Malone London
'Scent Your Wedding Experience'
Beauty, Bride, Lifestyle, Wedding

The Wedding Series offers a Bridal Concierge Service providing brides and grooms premier access to our luxury partners, exclusive offers, experiences and invitations to The Wedding Series events and supper clubs. This service is to ensure every step of your wedding journey is as memorable as the big day.

One of our favourite offerings is the Jo Malone London Scent Your Wedding Experience where our brides to be are treated to an exclusive and decadent Bridal Consultation in a Jo Malone London boutique.

Scent is often overlooked in the planning of the big day yet we all recognise its power in evoking memories. As a responsible Editor I feel real product knowledge is essential when advising our clients, so I recently visited Jo Malone London in leafy Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. Yes I treated myself, and what a delicious, delightful, decadent indulgence!

The treatment started with Education Ambassador Sarah-Louise Jacob offering me two scents to choose from while she explained how layering your signature scent with another fragrance creates something distinctive while remaining true to your individual taste.

Jo Malone London Education Ambassador Sarah-Louise Jacob welcoming me to the ‘Scent Your Wedding’ Experience

The first step in layering is to clean the skin. Scented body wash is whisked up into a glorious foam, not dissimilar to the froth on a cappuccino. The foam is then gently massaged from wrist to elbow and removed with a warm hand towel, bliss! I had chosen Peony & Blush Suede and opulent floral undertones were already lifting me. The next step is to massage the skin with a complimenting perfumed body creme, in my case this was Tuberose Angelica to give an all over scent. Once the skin is scented and conditioned you are ready for a spritz of parfum, the final, glorious touch.

As I lolled intoxicated with these heady scents Sarah-Louise explained the real magic of layering. By layering fragrances this way the bride is ensured her bespoke scent will take her through her day - from the ceremony through to dinner and then on the dance floor. Sarah-Louise continues to explain the flow of the hour long bridal consultation Jo Malone London offers.

Mindful of the power of scent each consultation commences with an informal chat about the bride’s wedding plans - her gown, will she be wearing a veil, and what flowers has she chosen? This allows the consultant to tailor a selection of scents for the bride to consider. Throughout the consultation the bride is advised on ways to incorporate her bespoke fragrance into her day.

Scent does take you back to a time and a place in an instant. After my Jo Malone London experience I encourage all of our brides to take advantage of their knowledge and pampering service to explore the power of scent.

To find out more about The Wedding Series Bridal Concierge Service or to enjoy a complimentary Jo Malone London Scent Your Wedding Experience email concierge@theweddingseries.com

Leaving the Jo Malone London Mosman boutique with my signature scents