Love Story with Stylist Jeff Lack & Photographer Jade Jeffries
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You are both such a visually striking couple. How did you meet?

How most romance connections happen in this day and age, the WWW (world wide web).

Jade what was it that first drew you to Jeff?

Initially his sense of style and breathtakingly handsome, Viking features pulled me, but it was his peaceful presence, gentlemen-like mannerisms, passion for creativity, our indescribable connection and his ability to make me laugh and smile with such ease that completely pulled me in.

How would you describe your journey together so far?

An effortless funky dance, we’re always up for exploring our common interests such as food, fashion and culture. We’re both two easygoing humans so we haven’t managed to have a cross word to this day. Our relationship is full of laughter, we are always laughing at one another and ourselves and try not to take life too seriously. In terms of future, we’re keen to work and challenge each other creativity and travel the world with our talents.

Jeff, fashion is such a large part of your life. Your sense of style speaks for itself. With Jade being a photographer do you mix business with pleasure?

Yes we have been collaborating; we have very different voices so we’re always bouncing creative ideas off one another. Jade also does graphic design alongside photography so combined we have a decent balance of skills. Jade and I are always planning jobs and things we can achieve together, creatively. It’s super fun.

In three words what is it that is most important to you in a relationship?

Jeff: Value alignment – means that every day I don’t question whether Jade is into the same things, it just is with us. Attraction – nobody wants to hear it but I want to wake up looking up at a face that I’m really attracted to every day and I’m lucky enough to do that with Jade. Attitude – ambition, work ethic and spontaneity are huge for me and Jade’s attitude captures that without question.

Jade: Connection – connection is what draws you in and keeps you coming back, Jeff and I have an incredible connection and we instantly felt something special. Respect – understanding one another and knowing your boundaries is vital, Jeff and I never argue because we openly communicate about everything. Drive – seeing passion and drive in a relationship is very important to me, Jeff and I are always challenging each other and sharing our knowledge with one another.

What does being part of The Wedding Series ‘Love Stories’ mean to you?

We both felt really comfortable and the art direction and photographer captured who we really are so it’s a treat to be involved with this series, we are grateful to be a part of it.

Couple – Author/Stylist Jeff Lack, Photographer/Graphic Artist Jade Jeffries
Concept, Creative Direction – Kate O’Shea, The Wedding Series Agency
Styling Jade Jeffries – Kate O’Shea The Wedding Series Agency
Styling Jeff Lack – Jeff Lack
Photographer – Justin Aaron
Location – InterContinental Sydney
Hair/Make Up – Sonia Allen Make Up

Look One (image 1 – 6)
Jade wears Jump Suit by Dion Lee available at David Jones
Jeff wears Akubra 'Capello' hat by Strand Hatters
2xist tank by David Jones
Balenciaga jeans by Harrolds
Belstaff Boots by Harrolds

Look Two (image 7 – 13 and 19-21)
Jade wears Ellery dress available at David Jones
Jeff wears sunglasses by Shevoke
Velvet blazer Herringbone
Black polka dot shirt Bespoke by Ganton
Pocket square Aquila
Denim Balenciaga

Look Three (images 14 – 18)
Jade wears Steven Khalil gown
Jeff wears navy tuxedo MJ Bale
White dinner shirt Bespoke by Ganton
Velvet bowtie and pocket square Shane Rochefort Loafers Brando
Cufflinks Jaeger Lecoultre

Look Four (Final image)
Jo Malone Bath