Introducing Oscar Hunt
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Melbourne-based tailors Oscar Hunt adopt a made-to-measure tailoring approach that values the fit above all else, ensuring your man walks the aisle with confidence.

With almost a decade of experience in the business of made-to-measure tailoring, the Oscar Hunt team has seen ‘everyone’ – and taken the time to understand the various shapes and sizes of their clientele. Each wedding suit is therefore uniquely crafted to achieve the best fit in the industry.

The Oscar Hunt showroom

On what is one of the most precious and significant days of your life, how your wedding suit fits is everything. At Oscar Hunt, their made-to-measure tailoring approach values the fit above all else – with an emphasis on the overall comfort and performance of the garment.

While the Oscar Hunt team of showroom fitters and in-house tailors respect that a suit’s fit is subjective, they strongly believe that it is difficult to look your best at the wedding without the aforementioned considerations.

Essentially, what they are interested in is a well-fitting garment with a silhouette that takes shape but at the same time does not constrict movement at all. The end result is a wedding suit that is altogether easy and enjoyable to wear, without the stuffiness. 

Oscar Hunt invests most into the fit of their garments and building genuine client-tailor relationships

As an established and highly respected Australian business they invest most in their cohesive team of fitters and tailors, who are passionate in their individual roles but more importantly take pride in their crafts.

What this means is the continuous exchange of knowledge and techniques, and the constant reviews and improvements of paper patterns according to their clientele. All the while under the training and upskilling of head tailor Oscar, whose previous experience lies in bespoke tailoring.

Taking into account leading made-to-measure construction technology and in-house fittings and adjustments, contributing to the construction of their suits is a balance between precision and impeccable craftsmanship.

At Oscar Hunt, the made-to-measure tailoring process is made easy and enjoyable altogether

In an increasingly sales-oriented industry, Oscar Hunt find themselves focusing their efforts in building genuine relationships with clients and resources in ensuring the best fit in the industry is consistently achieved.

With Oscar Hunt and the quality of the fit of their suits, you can expect to look sharp and feel confident walking the aisle at your wedding.

To find out more or book your appointment visit www.oscarhunt.com.au.

To enquire about The Wedding Series exclusive offer with Oscar Hunt email concierge@theweddingseries.com.