Five Minutes with Toni Dameglio, Head of Design, Talulah
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  1. Your first collection with Talulah is called Superstition. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the collection?

One of the main inspirations behind Superstition was 1930s fashion. I was looking at the silhouettes and drapery of the era and wanted to bring that elegance to the collection. I personally love drapery, so working to create a beautiful, and flattering shapes was an obvious choice for me.

In keeping with the Talulah look though, we knew we had to team the muted tones with some great prints. It’s a great, well rounded collection. I’m really pleased with it.

Campaign images from the new Talulah Superstition Collection

  1. Are there any key pieces that you feel would work well for bridesmaids?

The Talulah woman loves a great dress she can wear anywhere, so there’s definitely some bridesmaid options throughout the Superstition collection. My personal choice would have to be the Rise floral full midi dress. It’s a beautiful and modern floral piece, and it’s got a drape and a fullness that would make it an elegant bridesmaid dress to compliment any wedding dress.

Perfect Bridesmaid dress from the new Talulah Superstition Collection

  1. What are the key elements from your luxury International fashion experience that you will bring to Talulah?

Working at a big, international fashion house such as Miu Miu has given me an understanding of the European aesthetic and attention to detail. Myself and the team at Talulah are working hard to make sure these elements are articulated throughout our collections. Superstition is a sophisticated collection with a young and modern component to it too.

  1. Working closely with Talulah Founder and Creative Director Kelli Wharton, what is your vision for Talulah over the next 12 months?

Kelli and I work wonderfully together and have great visions for Talulah in the future. Superstition is the first Talulah collection to drop in Myer too, which has been really exciting for us, as the collection will reach more and more women in Australia. My ultimate vision would be for Talulah to represent Australian fashion on a bigger international platform. We’ve just launched in the USA, so fingers crossed that we continue on this vein! It’s a really exciting time here at Talulah!

Perfect Bridesmaid dress from the new Talulah Superstition Collection

  1. What can Talulah devotees expect from your collections in the future?

The Talulah woman loves fun in her fashion, so that’s something we will be bringing to our future collections. Prints and modern shapes are also important and something Talulah has become known for. I’m going to keep all the elements that our customers love about the brand while also working to make sure it’s relevant. And no doubt I won’t be able to help myself and will include a whole heap of beautiful drapery and sophisticated detailing too. I love fashion with drapery and detailing!

  1. What does your design process involve?

The design process involves a lot of research, drawing and also back and forth with the other designers. We will design a piece then reassess to make sure it’s something that the Talulah woman will love. We will tweak pieces dozens of times before we sign it off. It has to reflect the brand as well as the direction we’re moving in.

  1. You worked for 8 years for Italian fashion house Miu Miu. What was it like working with Miuccia Prada and what were your biggest learnings?

I started as a junior designer and worked my way up as many do when in a company for many years. My passion and dedication led me to becoming a senior designer for the last three years I worked with the team, and being a part of it was incredible.
Watching and working alongside Mrs. Prada was an obvious privilege. She is truly inspirational and is a pillar in the fashion industry.

  1. After many years in the Italian fashion capital Milan, you are now based at The Locale Group and Talulah Head Office in Byron Bay. How have you adapted to this dramatic lifestyle change and will you continue to follow International trends when designing in Australia?

The lifestyle change is vastly different. However I can safely say I have moved to paradise. I’m living here with my partner and I’m loving the lifestyle! We also work really hard at Talulah, so it’s a great lifestyle balance.

Keeping up with international trends is so important and I am very lucky to go on seasonal research trips, and while research trips are really important, Australia is so ahead in fashion so it’s actually not difficult at all to be inspired here in our own backyard.

Head of Design Toni Dameglio in her new office at Talulah HQ in Byron Bay

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